SSCC Training Classes - Spring 2023

The SSCC offers both classes and an online curriculum you can work through on your own. View the class schedule and register below, or visit the online curriculum.

Title Date Time Instructor
Introduction to R1/101:00 - 4:00Struck
Introduction to Stata1/139:00 - 1:00Hemken
Introduction to Python for Data Analysis1/1310:00 - 3:00Dimond
Data Wrangling In Stata1/17, 1/18, 1/19,
9:00 - 1:00Hemken
Data Wrangling in R1/17, 1/18, 1/19,
10:00 - 3:00Struck
Data Wrangling in Python1/17, 1/18, 1/19,
10:00 - 3:00Dimond
Regression Review with R1/239:00 - 3:00Hemken
Running Big Research Computing Jobs at the SSCC1/231:00 - 1:45Dimond
Using the SSCC Slurm Cluster1/232:00 - 2:45Dimond
Introduction to Web Scraping with R2/6, 2/89:30 - 12:00Struck
Stata Workshop: Loops and Macros2/82:30 - 4:00Dimond
Data Visualization in R: ggplot2 Basics2/149:00 - 11:00Struck
Stata Workshop: Dates2/152:30 - 4:00Dimond
Stata Workshop: Presentable Bar Graphs2/222:30 - 4:00Dimond
Running Big Research Computing Jobs at the SSCC2/272:00 - 2:45Dimond
Using the SSCC Slurm Cluster2/273:00 - 3:45Dimond

To register for a class, click on its title. All SSCC training classes require registration.

Not finding what you need? We're happy to answer questions about future classes and take suggestions. SSCC's statistical consultants can also do customized training for groups with special needs. This includes introductions to Stata, R, SAS, SPSS, and MPlus plus a variety of advanced topics. Just email