Data Carpentry Workshop

SSCC is pleased to host a workshop by UW-Madison's Data Carpentry program. Data Carpentry is designed to help beginning researchers gain the skills they need to work with data. The curriculum to be used was developed primarily for Ecology, but it covers tools some social science researchers will find useful and which are rarely taught at the SSCC. Topics include:

  • Data Organization in Spreadsheets
  • Data Cleaning with OpenRefine
  • Data Management with SQL
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in R
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in Python

To register for this workshop, you must go to the workshop's web site, which we will post here as soon as it is available. For more information on Data Carpentry, visit For more information about the curriculum for this session, visit

Instructor: Koch
Room: 3218 Sewell Social Sciences Building
Dates: 6/4, 6/5
This class is a series and you should plan on attending all of the sessions.
Time: 9:00 - 4:30


Registration is not required for this class.