Structural Equation Modeling, and Mediation (with Stata)

This workshop has sessions on multiple days. You should plan to attend all the sessions.

A review of structural equation models (SEMs) using Stata.

Stata estimates SEMS and generalized SEMs. Estimate SEM's from the same software you use for data cleaning, descriptive analysis, post-estimation analysis, and graphing.

Specify models both via the command language, and through a graphical interface - by drawing diagrams.

Of special interest in this workshop will be mediation models.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with the statistics of mediation and/or SEM's. Some familiarity with Stata.

Instructor: Hemken
Room: 2470 Sewell Social Sciences Building
Dates: 2/3, 2/5, 2/10, 2/12
Time: 1:00 - 3:00
Semester: spring20