The Genome Factor

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Population Genetics and Their Effects on Adults

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Examining Health Spillovers Between Siblings

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Advances in Network Analysis

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The purpose of the Wisconsin Policy Analysis Lab is to integrate knowledge, data, and methods from multiple disciplines to uncover why, when, and on whom policies work. We train students from multiple disciplines to analyze policy effects in new ways and to collaborate across fields

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This is a research project in which we take a look at the cost analysis of causal health spillover effects, and the challenges we encounter trying to calculate them.

This study takes a look at the importance of developing and maintaining social networks for immigrants in the United States. This research is still currently underway, and in the future we expect to publish a few publications about it.

This research aims to increase understanding of the childhood contextual roots of racial/ethnic disparities in adult health.

In this project we take a look at the interplay of school polices and genetics in shaping health through social networks.

For this project we used new methods to analyze how peer influence can affect adolescent health decisions.

Using previously unreleased data from over 200 million participants, we took a look at how in utero exposure to air pollution can affect health later in life.

Recent advances in computer science have allowed for us to take a look at how new algorithms and programs can help us improve public policy with machine learning.

In this project, we try to better understand the effect that peer networks can have on childhood obesity, and how policy can help improve that.

The Genome Factor investigates how modern genomics is creating a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior at both the individual and society-wide levels.

In this project, we take a look at social dynamics and how they influence adolescent hope through adulthood.

New Publication

"Dynamic Effects of Sibling Death on Children's Outcomes." (with Marian Vidal-Fernandez and Barbara Wolfe)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in press

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November 5, 2017
"The Genome Factor"
Wisconsin Book Festival.

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