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Pamela Oliver
Sociology Dept
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Professor Pamela Oliver

Department of Sociology

New Graduate Students 2002:

Things to Do This Summer

First, please KEEP US INFORMED about your contact information (address, telephone, email) during the summer. This is most easily done by sending email to or calling Sandy Ramer (262-3805, ramer@ssc.wisc.edu) or Mary Powers (262-4863, mpowers@ssc.wisc.edu). ALSO report your current address to the Graduate School (gradadmiss@mail.bascom.wisc.edu). You need to do both: the Graduate School does not have access to our records, and we do not have access to theirs.

Please plan to arrive in Madison by August 26 at the latest. Please make a commitment to attend our departmental New Graduate Student Orientation on Tuesday, August 27 at 3:00-5:00 in room 8417 Social Science. You will receive information from the Graduate School about other orientation activities during this week. We recommend that international students arrive between August 19 and August 23 to allow extra time for adjustment and special international student orientation programs.

International students should see important information for international students posted on the web at http://www.intstudents.wisc.edu/ and http://www.wisc.edu/grad/gs/international/new_stu.html . If you have not received an I-20 form or need information on that, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, 228 Bascom or call (608)262-2433.

US students should pre-register by touchtone (telephone) in July. (Information will be mailed to you by the Graduate School.) International students should plan their course schedules, but will not register until they are in Madison. We have procedures for saving space for new graduate students in courses that are otherwise closed, so you should tell us what courses you would like to take as soon as possible. We need your pre-registration so we can plan course enrollments, but you can modify your plans after you are here, so do not worry if your situation is too complex to handle long distance.

You can find out information about housing opportunities at http://www.wisc.edu/grad/gs/students/beyond.html#23 . If you are on a tight budget and do not have a family or partner, we suggest you consider shared housing such as cooperatives, or shared apartments or houses. In addition to being more economical, shared housing can provide new graduate students with companionship when they first arrive in Madison, and roommates can make it easier to find your way around. You will probably prefer a shared situation with other graduate students, who are generally quieter and more studious than most undergraduates.

I look forward to seeing you in August. Best wishes and do keep in touch. Do not hesitate to call me or Sandy Ramer (608-262-3805) or Mary Powers (608-262-4863) if you have any questions or concerns. And again, do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or email.

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