Increased Security for Remote Linstat Connections

While all computers are subject to regular attacks today, Linux servers draw particular attention. These attacks come from all over the world, and it is very rare for them to originate in the Madison area. To increase the security of SSCC's Linstat servers, as of Monday, May 19th we will block connections to Linstat from outside the Madison area unless the user takes one of several steps. These steps will be easy for SSCC members, but should prompt attackers to move on to less secure servers. SSCC members in the Madison area (including on campus) will not see any changes.

The steps SSCC members can take that will allow them to connect to Linstat remotely are:

You only need to use one of these four methods. Note that the Google Authenticator and key pair methods must be set up while you are connected to Linstat. If you want to use these methods, be sure to set them up by Monday, May 19th, especially if you cannot use VPN or Winstat.

SSCC staff have used information provided by local Internet Service Providers to identify the IP address ranges used in the Madison area. Our intent is to define "Madison area" broadly, but contact the help desk if you find you are unexpectedly being treated as "outside the Madison area."

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact the help desk.

Last Revised: 5/15/2014