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Pamela Oliver
Sociology Dept
1180 Observatory Dr. Madison, Wisconsin



Professor Pamela Oliver

Department of Sociology

Sociology graduate students seeking employment

  1. Aya Hirata
  2. Richelle Winkler
  3. Jennifer Weaver
  4. Alexander Janus
  5. Sarah Swider
  6. C. Brady Potts
  7. Kim, Hui-Jung
  8. Jiyoung Yang Son
  9. Padma Priyadarshini

Here are our incoming students looking for funding. Please review the list and keep them in mind if colleagues ask you for suggestions.

Aya Hirata
MA in Environmental Studies, Yale Univ. May 2001
BA in International Legal Studies, Sophia Univ. March 1997
Tel: 608-236-4035 e-mail:hirataa@usa.net
Past works:
-Assistant for Prof. Arun Agrawal for his research on community resource management (2001 at Yale Univ.)
-Prof. Reardon-Anderson in his research in the historical environmental problems in China (1995 at Georgetown Univ)
-Organizing conferences: Cambodian Genocide Program conference (2000 at Yale Univ.),
A regional conference on human security (1997 in the Philippines with a NGO)
- Worked as a business management consultant, conducting numerous interviews, presentations, and meeting facilitation. (1997-1999 at Arthur D. Little, Inc.)
- Have done numerous Japanese-English, English-Japanese translations
Computer skills Power point, excel, word
Interest: Environment and natural resources, Japan, Southeast Asia
Others: Fluent in Japanese, English and Indonesian

Richelle Winkler
Hello, my name is Richelle Winkler, and I am an entering student in search of funding. I am interested in two diverse areas of sociology, the first being environmental sociology and rural community relations with the environment, specifically surrounding use and extraction of natural resources. I am interested in the ways in which economic struggles interact with environmental issues in a rural community mindset. On a completely separate front, I am also interested in sociology of the family examined from a social psych perspective.
My professional background has been in social work/ social psych, and my undergraduate degree is in sociology with a French minor. I have experience with Excel, various word processing programs, and web research. Research wise, I have participated in qualitative information gathering and reports including field observation, case study evaluation, and survey research manipulated using Excel. I look forward to gaining additional experience in quantitative research. I am determined and a hard worker, and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with faculty members.

Jennifer Weaver
(608) 251-3143
For three years I worked for Daniel Myers (dmyers@nd.edu)at the University of Notre Dame, researching riots of the 60s and 70s. My duties included data collection and data entry, as well as weekly annotations and discussions of pertinent journal articles. In my senior year, I was the only undergraduate on Prof. Myers' Game Theory research team. I scheduled and administered Game Theory experiments and then met weekly with the two other graduate students and Prof. Myers to develop a Game Theory paper. For the past three summers, in sequential order, I have:
1. assisted the director of Dismas House, a shelter for people recently released from prison
2. taught English in Ipolyszakallos, Slovakia
3. TA'd a Calculus course and a Trig/Analysis course for a summer program at Northwestern University
As an undergraduate, I majored in Honors Mathematics and Sociology. This means that while I do not have the experience with SAS and large databases that would make me a more attractive PA, I am not scared of numbers and/or number-crunching. Furthermore, I have started gaining familiarity with SAS and plan to continue studying diligently. Currently, I am interested in social stratification, class, race and ethnic studies and criminology.

Alexander Janus
My name is Alex Janus, and I am an entering student in the Department of Sociology. In June 2001 I graduated from Carleton College magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.83 in my sociology courses. My most notable academic awards over the 2000-01 academic year were the James S. Berglund Social Science Prize awarded by Carleton for best essay or research paper written in the social sciences during the academic year and distinction or honors in my major, which was sociology/anthropology. During the 2000-01 academic year at Carleton, I served as the teaching assistant for Methods of Social Research (SoAn 240), lab assistant for Introduction to Probability and Statistics (MATH 215), and the student departmental advisor for the sociology/anthropology department. Also, I have a lot of experience using SPSS, Excel, and Microsoft Word and using research tools, such as Lexis-Nexis and eHRAF. One of my main research interests is in the sociology of punishment, and more specifically, in the concept of the publicity of punishment. I have also held interests in or would like to learn more about life course, social stratification, gender and sexuality, and political sociology. CONTACT INFO: alexljanus@yahoo.com

Sarah C. Swider
(608) 284-9149
M. A. Industrial Labor Relations, 2000 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B. A. Political Science, 1994 Saint Michael's College, Colchester, VT
I have experience in conducting both independent research and directed research under a professor. My research assistantship was under Professor Lowell Turner for a project funded by the Ford Foundation. I collected a database of instances of cooperation between labor and environmental movement and/or student movement in the United States. My independent research included field research in Asia and qualitative methodology.
I have conducted interviews in person and using computer assisted survey technology. I have completed both methodology and computer course covering both qualitative and quantitative research. I am familiar with sampling, factor analysis, multivariate regression, etc. Most of my recent statistical work has been done using Minitab, however, I have also used SAS.
My interests include: Globalization and the labor movement, East Asia (particularly China), labor as a social movement, labor in East Asia, sociology of economic change, theory, class analysis. I speak Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. Please see resume for details (Word file)

C. Brady Potts
My name is Brady Potts, I am an entering PhD student in Sociology. I have had experience as a research assistant compiling databases of travel and tourism information for a Tennessee Tourism website, SeeTennessee.com. I was the webmaster of the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission website, where I was responsible for writing press releases, daily updates to the site, site maintenance, and content generation. As an undergraduate, I held an internship with the Lucius Burch foundation, and assisted in the systematic cataloguing of Wind River Petroglyphs.
My computer experience includes Dreamweaver, ArcView GIS, Adobe Photoshop and Pagemaker, Quark, and the Microsoft Office Suite. My main sociological interests include cultural sociology, deviance, sociology of knowledge and contemporary theory, but I would welcome the chance to gain exposure to any other subfield. I can be reached at cpotts@ssc.wisc.edu, and my phone number is 238-2153.

Kim, Hui-Jung
My name is Kim, Hui-Jung. I am an incoming graduate student in the department of sociology. I am from South Korea, whose dynamic democratization process and vigorous labor and student movements have inspired me to study sociology here in Madison. As a first-year graduate student, I have broad interests in various fields as social movements, collective actions, business ethics and stratification. To develop my broad concerns into more specific research subjects, I need many research and project experiences and more advanced data management and analysis skills. That is why I apply for the position.
For my relevant skills, you can refer to my curriculum vitae. It briefly shows you what I have done and what I can do. Let me add just few additional descriptions on it.
As to the statistics, I took two three-credit courses at Korea University: Business Statistics and Business Mathematics respectively. The courses dealt with all the basic statistics concepts and tools such as regression, distribution, correlation, t-test, etc. I had a chance to apply them actually dealing with data when I took the Marketing Research course. Small as the data were, I became familiar with managing data using SAS and Excel.
As you can see from my curriculum vitae, I have many job experiences. For five month from March 200l to July 2001, for example, I worked for KAB (Korea Accrediation Board) as an assistant for the K-OHSMS 18001(Korea Occupational Health and Safety Management System) project. My main task was to translate various English documents including BSI OHSMS Guidelines to Korean. It took me two months and my job was about to end soon. But my job performance was so satisfactory that I was offered a three-month job extension from KAB. During this period of time, I collected and managed a data set about occupational illness, accidents, hazard and risk of various industrial sectors in Korea. It was used as the basis for adjusting BSI OHSMS Guidelines into Korean context. This is my latest job experience.
If you give me a chance to have an interview, you will fine me a really experienced person. I am positive, responsible and sociable as well.
Thank you for reading. I am looking for hearing from you soon.

Jiyoung Yang Son
e-mail json@ssc.wisc.edu
phone 608-232-0018

Past Work/Research Experience
For brief overview of my work and research experiences, I post my resume below.
I would like to add my own survey research experience conducted for my master's thesis to this part.
In this paper, my purposes are:
(1) To examine how the variation in the amount of social resources possessed affects the high school students who intend to go to music school in multiple dimensions
(2) Ultimately, to see how social agents utilize available resources and set strategies for their own and/or descendents social mobilization/reproduction through the medium of a specific cultural capital
I designed a questionnaire, distributed it to about 400 high school students of 29 schools, and analyzed the data I got from them.
The analysis was mostly descriptive due to the limits of available data. However, I included some interviews to make up this weakness. My goal was not to generalize or to make any predictions, but to find certain tendencies that prevail among people's values, attitudes and behaviors toward music education in Korea.

Until now, SPSS is the only statistical program I can use. I also admit that my knowledge of statistics is still in the basic level. Since I am taking statistics class (soc.360), this deficiency can be overcome in some months later. Additionally, I can say am well familiar with data managing because I myself did these things for my thesis. I am also familiar with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

My academic interests lie in culture and social inequality. Specifically speaking, I am interested in 1) the unequal distribution of power and resources within a particular cultural institution; 2) the ways in which various cultural institutions (e.g. educational system, media, academy, etc.) relate to social inequality, and 3) how the values and meanings produced through these institutions affect and construct are utilized by socially disadvantaged group, especially by the immigrants who sharply visualize the nexus of two major social disparities: class and race. Full resume

Padma Priyadarshini
Contact address:207E, Eagle Heights, Madison, WI53705.
e-mail padma.priyadarshini@students.wisc.edu ph. no. 236-4096.
Statistics and computer programs-Elementary statistics like, measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode.), Measures of deviation, variability, co-efficient correlations. Computer programs-As of now, Nil. Past work-submitted thesis on "impact of globalisation on indian women" at m.phil level. This was basically a review of literature. Was also working on a project on environment while serving as a lecturer in one of the colleges of Delhi university. contributed an article under this project titled as ''impact of Environmental degradation on the poor, the tribals and women'. This is under publication . Teaching experience of 3 years at the undergraduate level. Areas of sociological interest; Sociology of gender, economic globalisation, sociology of science, sociology of organisations. For this semester, I have a TA. I would definitely be interested in Project Assistant jobs in the spring semester.





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