Articles for New Users

This page lists articles of particular interest to new SSCC users. While there is no "required reading" per se, a little time spent perusing this section could save you a lot of confusion down the road. It could also be useful for those seeking basic information about using SSCC resources.


Welcome to the SSCC! (For SSCC Members)
Welcome to the SSCC! (For Lab Users)

What the SSCC Provides

Statistical Consulting
SSCC Software
Computing Resources at the SSCC
Network Disk Space at the SSCC

Your Account

Change Your Password
Reset Your Password

Using SSCC Servers

Using Winstat
Using Linstat
Using the Silo LDS Environment

Setting Up Your Computer

Setting Up Network Printers in Windows
Installing New Software using Software Center
Using SSCC Printers from Macs
Using SSCC Network Disk Space from Macs

Remote Access

Working From Home and Other Remote Locations

Statistical Software

Stata for Researchers
R for Researchers
Stata for Students
SPSS for the Classroom
Using Stat/Transfer


See our policies page for a full list, but these are some some of the most important:

Desktop Support Policy
Server Usage Policy
SSCC Data Integrity
Privacy Standards for SSCC Staff